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    Default Ms Aquarius- Dior Homme Intense

    Hey guys- hope this is in the right spot to post this, but I ordered a bottle of dior homme intense from this site about a week ago:

    And I've tried to contact them asking when they are going to ship out my order, and I've gotten no response, and neither of their provided phone numbers are seem to be working.

    I've paid through paypal, so I think I'm going to start a claim, but before I do- has anyone had experience with this site? frustrated.

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    Default Re: Ms Aquarius- Dior Homme Intense

    I almost bought a Dior Homme Intense also from this website. It just seemed odd that they had several bottles and no one else has any. Also I couldn't find any info about them online or on basenotes.

    I hope you get your DHI and everything works out. Please keep us posted.

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