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Thread: Barbershop vibe

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    I cant thank you guys enough, made my day, I have quite a few of those on order now, keen to seek out the rest of them. Only ones I tried mentioned are Le male and Caron pour un Homme, I like le male in really small amounts, one spray or else it gets way out there, I find the le male deodorant stick better than the edt, CPH is already a fave of mine.

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    I'll add Casanova as well for the barbershop vibe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfaddict View Post

    Fred Hayman's Touch for Men
    Alt-Innsbruck Cologne
    I do not get a Barbershop Vibe from Alt-Innsbruck BUT the scent is outstanding. This is by far my favorite aftershave/cologne followed by Speick

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    Tabac EdC is an outstanding carnation based beauty. +1 for Fred Hayman Touch, it also smells a lot like Neutrogena's Rain Bath shower gel. I find ambers to also be very evocative of shaving creme. Wearing Histoires de Parfums Amber 411 is akin to getting ready for a shave in paradise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mesaboogie View Post
    ...Dominica Bay Rum (Any Bay Rum will do really)
    I totally agree. Sample some bay rums, I find these very barbershop-esque, in style.

    My personal favorite in this category is Rive Gauche Pour Homme. If you're not aware, Tom Ford helped release this when he was with YSL. There are 3 versions: Light, the Original and Intense. I prefer the original. DO NOT over apply, just a little is all you need. There is a fantastic Shower Gel also, but it's very hard to find in the US although I saw it everyone in Europe when I traveled (I got mine on Ebay).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reminiscent View Post
    I thought those were only shaving and grooming products. Do they really have a cologne in that line?
    Here is the link for the company reference page on basenotes.

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    Default Re: Barbershop vibe

    A number of the Truefitt and Hill ones have this, and even moreso some of the GF Trumper's...both very English and traditional (though T+H is a bit modernized).

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    Today, I am wearing Shalimar EDP (in its current formulation). My fella told me I smelled like a barbershop!

    (i have never been in a barbers in my life, but it does smell somewhat like Brylcreem, in a warm leathery sort of way)

    I'm a girl, but a guy could rock this easily.

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    YSL Rive Gauche PM.

    You will smell like Mr Barber from the planet Barberonia who's just been made Minister of Barbershops!

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    a modern barbershop vibe: Villoresi Uomo and C&S Oxford and Cambridge

    old school vibe but still modern (..and great!): Creed Bois du Portugal
    Glorious Bastards
    Opium pour homme edp
    Rive gauche
    Knize ten
    M7 fresh

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    Rive Gauche Pour Homme (Insanely good)
    Azzaro Pour Homme
    Pinaud Clubman

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    Rive Gauche PH for sure

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