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    Default New Fragrances: Spadaro - Sole Nero, Noche del Fuego and Doux Amour


    Spadaro is a new US-based niche line debuting at Nordstrom with three fragrances: Sole Nero, Noche del Fuego and Doux Amour.

    Entrepreneur, world traveler, mother of three. These are just some of the hats that Kim Spadaro wears. The founder and creative director of Spadaro, a new fragrance collection launching at select Nordstrom in Fall 2011, Kim is creatively driven and self-made, a woman as inspirational as her signature scents. [...] Spadaro is the culmination of years of Kim’s passion and experience, combining her loves of aromatherapy, design and travel into a lifestyle brand that celebrates the spirit of adventure and inspires journeys of self-discovery.

    Sole Nero ~ “Sole Nero: black sun. Story: While on a Sicilian adventure with family exploring the land, they sipped wines from the region, ate succulent sweet summer fruit and watched the glow of Mt. Etna in the distance…inspiring this luxurious fresh scent. Sunny Italian grapefruit is imbued with a precious spice accord of white pepper and cumin. Enveloped by tender musk and comforting notes of sandalwood, almond and vanilla, Sole Nero evokes fond memories of loved ones near and far.”

    Noche de Fuego ~ “Noche Del Fuego: night of fire. Story: Inspired by an idyllic escape to Majorca, Spain. As bronze Spaniards pulled Kim on stage, they beat drums and tossed fire in the night sky; her heart began to beat wildly…leading to the creation of the rare exotic scent. Irresistible bergamot gains unexpected depth when mixed with mysterious patchouli and an exotic blend of sandalwood, vanilla and honey spiked with paprika and saffron. Black pepper, at once warm and cool—like a fire dance in the night—completes the seduction.”

    Doux Amour ~ “Doux Amour: sweet love. Story: Inspired by an enchanted Arabian fantasy come true, while on a journey in Morocco. This sweet sexy nectar was naturally born of the sensory experiences of this mysterious land. A rare blend of floral essences—ylang-ylang, Casablanca lily and Moroccan jasmine—is wrapped in a sultry, sueded accord of patchouli, rare amber and sandalwood, and laced with a sheer veil of vanilla to form a new expression of sensuality.”

    Spadaro Sole Nero and Doux Amour are $135 each for 100 ml Eau de Parfum; Noche del Fuego is $155 for 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Matching body lotions and candles are also available.

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Spadaro - Sole Nero, Noche del Fuego and Doux Amour

    I find the name Noche del Fuego FANTASTIC, but by the notes, Doux Amour sounds the best from the new releases.

    A little bit pricey! This brand has great quality?

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Spadaro - Sole Nero, Noche del Fuego and Doux Amour

    Hi d4N13L. I hope you have the chance to sample Doux Amour. I would love to send you a sample of all three if you would like. Noche Del Fuego is intense and rich in naturals, and yes Doux Amour is a bit more subtle. Sole Nero is a lighter citrus musk with a hint of honey. While in sicily, the smell of the citrus was abundant, the smoke from Mt. Etna covered the sun set, with blackish layer, my interpretation was "Sole Nero" (Black Sun). Its actually very fresh and uplifting. All created with great thought and my heart.

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Spadaro - Sole Nero, Noche del Fuego and Doux Amour

    Thats amazing spadaro =)

    I would be glad to try your fragrances, i sent you a PM.
    Thats was VERY kind of you, i wish more companies threat their customers well like you.

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Spadaro - Sole Nero, Noche del Fuego and Doux Amour

    These actually sound really interesting. The juxtaposition of grapefruit, white pepper (this isn't used often enough!) and cumin with an almond note in the dry down? Sounds unique! Almond is another note that is tricky and is not used often enough - maybe because it is hard to use it subtly and avoid having it dominate the blend.

    I'm most intrigued with Noche Del Fuego though because I'm on an intense honey kick as of late. Noche Del Fuego sounds like a warm counterpart to one of my 'cool' favorites - Washington Square (with its bergamot/herbal/honey/rose blend). I don't think I've experienced honey and patchouli before but it seems like a good match.

    Also, very nice bottles and a fair price (something most new niche brands have lost sight of!).
    ***For sale:

    Iris Pallida 50ml

    Ungaro I 75ml

    and more!

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    Default Re: New Fragrances: Spadaro - Sole Nero, Noche del Fuego and Doux Amour

    I received my samples and sprayed them yesterday.

    The best from the line, for me, is Doux Amour.
    The base is very proeminent from the start to the long end (lasts pretty good on skin), with the combo patchouli, ambar and sandalwood, but the vanilla is the most proeminent.
    It resembles Douce Amere by serge lutens, with the vanilla dry down amplified and dont have the boozy opening (absinthe).

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