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    Exclamation Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Not one person has contacted me to say they will be attending, so the event will no longer take place.
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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Oh, that's sad! It was a really great idea and although I wouldn't have been able to come I was really hoping that it would turn out as a great success. Thanks for trying to make this happen for the community anyway, David! Don't take it personal and try it again sometimes.
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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Darn. If only I live nearby I would have attended it. And I'd love to see the event covered on BN, with pics & stories. Well, don't be too disheartened. Perhaps Berlin simply needs a critical mass of BNers before such an event can take place? Time to start recruiting...

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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Such a shame! It was a fantastic idea, David! Unfortunately I won't be in Berlin untill early 2012.

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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    I'd go if I were there. Then I'd go get awesome cheap Indian food. Love that town.

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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Too bad. I would have loved to have come, but it just wasn't in the cards.
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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    That is really too bad and it confirms my belief that Basenotes is not nearly as popular as I initially thought it was. Its mostly a place that people re-hash the same old posts on the same fragrances. As well, it is more concerned with the aquisition of fragrances, rather than the actual fragrance and its smell.

    Perhaps David you could still plan the event. Perhaps start advertising with posters or in news letters...etc. As well, perhaps try ( I think that is a site that would help, I am not totally sure).

    Best of luck. Given the chance, I would be there in a heartbeat. But, it just is impossible at this time.
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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Thats too bad.
    I'm sincere when I say it is likely NOT a lack of interest. Its tough to try and encourage a group of people to converge on one city, which for many may be geographically / financially challenging to reach.

    Choosing Berlin as the epicentre of your meeting automatically reduces your chances by more than 50%, as the majority of members on BN reside in the US. Then consider members from the antipodes (Australia, South East Asia, the near East etc), those from other European countries spanning Malta to Russia, and lastly those living in Germany who cannot make the trip to Berlin. It doesn't surprise me, really.

    Here is a list of Basenoters registered as living in Berlin, only one of which is actually an active member.
    Why Berlin anyway? And not somewhere in France? Still, the same logic applies.

    I wouldn't take it personally David. Props for giving it a hit.

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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Sorry to hear that David. If I would have been in town I would have been there!
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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Cheer up David - you tried! Call when you pop by Paris we will have lunch together.

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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    Sorry to hear about the lack of interest for Berlin, I would have thought it was an epicenter for creative types. Your efforts are obviously appreciated here. I like the idea of moving your meet-up to France. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Berlin Event Cancelled - Lack of Interest

    David, I meant to post this a few days ago - Oh, what an absolutely wonderful event you had planned -
    I'm oh, so far away from your area, but it would have been incredible to attend...

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