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    I recently spent few days hiking in Big Sur, California. We hiked along the cliff sides lined with large eucalyptus trees, bushes of rosemary, italian and yellow thistle, and thyme. Our hike paths often took us down to the beach and back into the redwood forests. The beaches had a very cold raw sea scent amplified by mounds of seaweeds left ashore by the tide. In the red wood forest, soft and sweet pine combined dominated with occasional hits of walnut or chestnut. This was my first time in Big Sur and the contrast of redwood forest, cliffs, eucalyptus and pacific ocean left a memory that will last a life time - best nature/olfactory experience so far with the exception of Amalfi Coast where I stayed right above a lemon grove overlooking Mediterranean sea.

    What are your most memorable nature/location fragrances? Do you know of any frags that remind you of central california coast?


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    Yes, your descriptions remind me of the scent Granville by Christian Dior. Please try it, I'd love to hear if you think the same.

    My most memorable nature/location fragrance memory is wearing Habit Rouge (vintage Eau de Cologne) by Guerlain on a 10-day European cruise a couple years ago. It was my first time wearing it, I bought it blind, and I wore it EVERY NIGHT to dinner. You know how on cruise ships you can get all dressed up nice for dinner and every day I would come back to the ship from some exciting destination, take a shower, get dressed and spray on some HR and then head off to dinner. The candles on the table, the ocean all around me through the windows of the dining room, all of those details are embedded in the scent. I love it when that happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmik View Post
    What are your most memorable nature/location fragrances?
    Niagara by Courreges

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