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Thread: I am so worried

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    Default I am so worried

    hello sir. i am from philippines and i am glad i found this site..i've been making my own scents perfume just a few days later..and i already have my own mixing.i let it sit for about 3 days and still in the jar for more days so i'll have my desire scent that i my problem sir is, yesterday i tried opening some of the jars, then smell it.the alcohol scent is still there and when i apply it to my neck,oh its like im burning and my skin gets red but vanish after how many minutes.i've been using different perfumes but i didnt have that kind of reaction. i am planning to sell my own blending of perfumes sir.because i had a passion of mixing different oils..i love it a lot.but i just started to make this desire just last week since i dont have my materials before.i am so worried because what if my customer gets burned with my perfumes and get same effect on me?sir please reply.i need your help with this.please.. this are the ingriedients that i used sir. please kindly evaluate it..

    one of my blending:

    sandal wood- 25 drops
    rose-40 drops
    vanilla- 22 drops
    chamomile-20 drops
    cinnamon-20 drops
    bergamot-27 drops.

    vodka- 92.3 ml(1,846 drops)
    water( 2 table spoon)
    this is for 100ml perfume sir

    i am making 8.34% dillution sir EDT. am i right? thats the only raw material that i used no other material. please let me know if is there any raw material that i need to add or is there some components that makes my perfume gives that burning feeling? please reply sir i need your help. thank you so much!

    sincerely yours,

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    Default Re: I am so worried

    i am hoping to receive some reply today.anyone there who can help me?please..

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    Default Re: I am so worried

    Hi braveheart89-- welcome to Basenotes!

    You may get more responses by posting this on the Fragrance DIY discussion board (DIY = Do It Yourself). Here is the link:

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    Default Re: I am so worried

    thank you so much 30 roses.i already posted it there.i am hoping to receive some feedback today because i am really worried.. =(

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    Default Re: I am so worried

    Just sell whatever you want. Sounds like a great small business idea. Maybe take out the cinnamon and put a note that says to discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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    Default Re: I am so worried

    In the post in DIY it clearly says:

    "After diluting, you need to let it sit for 4-6 weeks. Otherwise, all you will smell is alcohol if you're using that as the carrier agent"

    So 3 days is not enough time.

    While you are waiting, find out what is causing the reaction on your skin. See if it is the vodka, if not, dilute each oil separately to see which is causing the problem. Get a friend to volunteer and see if it is just your skin.

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