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    Default Good Looking Fakes

    I was on Amazon just a browsing and BAM! I saw two cologne fakes that looked very much like the real deal. The first of which being "Angelus" which is a rip off of the metal flasked Angel Men. It's a whopping $12. Next up was "Blue" which was a bottle as buff and blue as the real JPG Le Male but only a scant $13. I wonder what these smell like? If anything, the bottles look pretty cool.
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    Default Re: Good Looking Fakes

    The second has been mentioned quite often here on Basenotes.

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    Default Re: Good Looking Fakes

    I think these kinds of things sell in low-end commercial areas of big cities and in flea markets in suburbs mostly, along with being online, of course.

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    Default Re: Good Looking Fakes

    Disgusting! Fakes!

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    Default Re: Good Looking Fakes

    so fake that even the names are fake? who in the world buys these kind of stuff??

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