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    Default These three fragrances seem to be very highly regarded. Rank them please.

    Balenciaga Pour Homme
    Monsieur Carven
    Patou Pour Homme

    For those that have tried all three, how would you rank them?

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    Default Re: These three fragrances seem to be very highly regarded. Rank them please.

    Right up my alley!

    I haven't tried Monsieur Carven, but...

    Patou Pour Homme is my favorite fragrance. It's a thick, dense, yet refined and pleasant masculine oriental that has an unparalleled uniqueness and classiness to it. It's strong, but conserved and elegant.

    Balenciaga Pour Homme is in my top ten. It, too, is an oriental, however more on the sweet-aldehydic side with incense, cinnamon, aldehydes, and an apple-pie like note sticking out. Balenciaga Pour Homme is definitely classy, but more of a traditional powerhouse than Patou Pour Homme is.

    As for Monsieur Carven, if I remember correctly, fellow Basenoter AromiErotici loves the stuff. I'd ask him.

    Balenciaga Pour Homme can still be found online (like eBay, xmen's sales thread, and decants at The Perfumed Court), but is getting rarer. Patou Pour Homme, on the other hand, is probably the most sought-after masculine fragrance out there. There's very little left of it on Earth, and full-sized bottles usually go for $1000 or more when they are for sale.

    Aramis New West (preferably old bottle)
    Patrick by Fragrances of Ireland
    Azzaro Aqua
    Gloria by Cacharel

    PM me if you have bottles that you're willing to sell or trade!

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    Default Re: These three fragrances seem to be very highly regarded. Rank them please.

    Patou Pour Homme

    Jean Kerleo created this maserpiece Spicy Oriental in 1980. For me, it is the best overall designer scent I have ever had the pleasure of owning and wearing. In spite of it leaning toward "formal", it is simply so good that I would wear it to the gym if I had access to enough of it and didn't have to take out a loan to buy it. Okay, that's a little over the top, but let me say if I could only have one frag, this would be it.

    An astute use of spice, petitgrain and lavender opens Patou. Let us not forget the deft use of pepper woven into this composition. A seamless heart of spicy florals with contrast coming from earthy patchouli, sandal and vetiver. The basenotes are a classically constructed oriental theme with leather thrown in as a bonus.

    It may be just me, but when I choose to wear Patou Pour Homme, I seem to get all the accords blended together all at once...yet....still able to differentiate notes in spite of the magnificent blending. This is the only fragrance I have noticed that in. Subjective as always, this may be the best of all time.

    Balenciaga Pour Homme

    Balenciaga Pour Homme was released ( I believe) 12 years after YSL Kouros( 1978) and it seems to me that it was created in the Kouros mold, albeit with some tweaking.

    The tweaking is actually very well done. Balenciaga is more orientally inclined and has left out the spicy / wormwood opening of Kouros. It is also a gentler opening with less projection and sillage using citrus and fruit for topnotes.

    The cinnamon, honey and orris working their way up from the heart is where I believe much of the similarity lives. The florals don't get much exposure in either of these scents, however Balenciaga utilizes rose in the mid accord to give it gravity. The basenotes consist of a heavier Oriental theme and use an amber-cedar combo with labdanum as opposed to Kouros and its amber-leather-civet-moss sledgehammer.

    Balenciaga is a refined Kouros in my opinion and has a bit more versatility. It's projection and sillage is very acceptable and less than that of its YSL counterpart. For those looking for a strong fragrance in the Kouros vein without the connection to urinal cakes, look no further than Balenciaga Pour Homme. Great scent here.

    Monsieur Carven

    Monsieur Carven is another outstanding release from the year 1978. A spicy Oriental that is well deserving of praise. Beautiful citrus opening with shades of green that lead into a masterful heart of woody florals darkened by rose and infused with civet and castoreum from the base.

    The anamilistic notes are apparent in the opening and never leave. They stay centered and focused while the other accords live and die around them. The semi-conventional Oriental base is rounded out with leather and myrrh. This is a sexy and well balanced classic that puts to shame what passes for modern masculines today.

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    Default Re: These three fragrances seem to be very highly regarded. Rank them please.

    1. Patou Pour Homme
    2. Balenciaga Pour Homme
    3. Monsieur Carven

    All wonderful IMO.

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