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    Default Avon Wild Country circa 1969 obtained

    I had previously obtained a full mid 1970s bottle of Wild Country, but have obtained the oldest sealed sample I've been able to find to date, circa 1969. The current version of this stuff is very light compared to the original. A few dabs of even the 1970s version would serve well, the aftershave from then being as strong as the current cologne. It will prove interesting to sample this 1969 sample as it is only two years after it was introduced. I will report back on how this fairs.

    I also obtained samples of Excaliber and Windjammer.

    Sampling vintage Avon stuff is fun and not too terribly difficult to obtain until you get to older or short production stuff. Of ones I recall I currently have
    Wild Country, Oland, Spicy, Tai Winds, Everest, Excaliber, Windjammer, Everafter, Musk, Seazone and possibly others

    I could obtain Leather, Granite and a few others if I choose I'll think about it yet.

    Wild Country is the most timeless, Oland the oddest I've sampled so far
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    Default Re: Avon Wild Country circa 1969 obtained

    Very interesting. I really love finding the 'older' fragrances and if there have been reformulations of them- testing them out side by side to determine any differences.

    Seazone rings a bell with me as does musk and everafter but I don't know the rest.

    Let us know your thoughts on these if and when you get some?
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    Default Re: Avon Wild Country circa 1969 obtained

    In comparison of Wild Country (70s to modern), the current version hits most of the same notes. Yet its been at the very least watered down. It isn't as sweet for one. The heavier notes have been toned down or just given way to it being cheapened. You'd have to get 10 sprays of the current colgone to approximately equal just a bit of the original, not kidding. As it hits drydown it has more depth in the 70s version.

    I'm not sure when it would have been reformulated, however my previous old bottle of cologne (not aftershave) was at least circa 1975, 7 years after the original release. I would imagine that as time went on it would lose certain amounts of less essential ingredients as long as it smelled similar or replace them with more inexpensive versions (as I've noticed with Royal Copenhagen) to cut costs.

    Some of the Avon stuff is interesting for its time, just misplaced. To me Everest would be marketable today. In 1975 it seems out of place. Oland is very weird and to try and wear it now, it just doesn't seem in its place. I thinki it is a good fragrance but smells highly outdated. Tai Winds is not too bad, but has that 70s vibe of a greener opening musky base. Spicy is a perfectly tolerable Old Spice attempt.

    As time allows I will post my reviews in the database, some have not been reviewed. If I were to seek any older ones out on purpose it would be Oland because it is quite different, vintage Wild Country, only to smell what it is supposed to have smelled like, and Everest because it seems misplaced. As far as newer ones, I always liked Everafter the best, a heavier character with a tad of an anamalic twinge, great for evening use.

    None of them should be fairly expensive to try. I paid $12 for 3 vintage bottles today. Most are not terribly uncommon.
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    Default Re: Avon Wild Country circa 1969 obtained

    I'd love to smell vintage WC - my Dad used to wear it all the time
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    Default Re: Avon Wild Country circa 1969 obtained

    I just obtained a full decanter of Excalibur in a Cadillac complete with shipper box. Looks unused, smells very woodsy.

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