I started this same thread in the male fragrance discussion, but I'd also like to see what the females think. I'm sure some of you may have smelt the dry down of this fragrance before, and might know of a fragrance for women which smells similar -- it would seem that the notes/kind of fragrance is more common in women's perfume (at least that's what I think).

Not quite sure if it's the dry down I'm referring to, but it's the scent left about 8+ hours after applying the fragrance onto skin... it smells amazing. I'm not very good at describing fragrances, but what I'm smelling is nothing like the previous stages of the fragrances which to me are very floral and green... rather it's sweet and perhaps a bit powdery.

I've been doing some testing and I don't seem to reach that dry down stage all the time on my skin... if you have 212 men and spray your mirror (or a window or something) in about 8 to 12 hours you will see what I'm talking about... yeah sounds like a weird thing to do but hey I'm desperate. I've had some suggestions in the thread I started in the male section as to what it could be, but I don't want to influence what people think so I wont mention it.

Thank you