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    Default Toothpaste on Spin brushes, Oral B, Sonicare

    I usually use the Oral B, go 30 seconds, get the pulse, stop it, reapply toothpaste and then do that 3 more times. Seems like if I try to go 2 whole minutes with one dab of paste, I get nothing left by the end of 1 minute. Do any of you stop your Sonicare and do the same or go the whole two minutes with one bigger dab of paste?

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    Default Re: Toothpaste on Spin brushes, Oral B, Sonicare

    I have the Oral B as well, but I don't reload. True, you don't get the full-on mouthful of froth like you do from a manual toothbrush, but there's enough to last the two minutes. I think the friction against the teeth and gums is more important than the froth, anyway.

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