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    Default New Haarlem Question (or perhaps a general gourmand question)

    Here's the scoop.

    I want to blind-buy Bond No. 9's New Haarlem because, well, I LOVE coffee. The aroma alone just flows from my nose and straight to the mood chamber in my brain and, quicker than it takes to kill a single shot of espresso on a chilly winter's morning, fills my whole body with warmth.

    My girlfriend just bought Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson. It smells quite delicious on her and fits her personality pretty well.

    And to sweeten the pot, my girlfriend works at a coffee house.

    Now, here comes my concern. Is New Haarlem too sweet to be around another fairly sweet scent? For instance, what would happen if the both of us were taking a three-hour road trip? Too much?

    Reading reviews, I keep finding that it generally "smells like a fresh brew of cappuccino with a serving of warm French toast topped with sweet maple syrup and velvety vanilla whip cream."

    What does it REALLY smell like? Is it a christened vial of Mrs. Buttersworth's personal syrup mixed with a vanilla latte? I get that it may make you feel like you're about to indulge in the most perfect breakfast in the history of mankind to start the day. Metaphors aside, how does New Haarlem affect your nose, and is this an everyday-scent/certain-occasion type of fragrance?

    I apologize for all of the questions and even more so appreciate any help with picking out my new fragrance. Again, I absolutely do love coffee, and I hope this is the scent I've been looking for.

    Momentarily deprived of caffeine and cologne,
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