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    Default Just got a custom fragrance shop in my neighborhood!

    It's called "Scented Studio." It just opened and I haven't been in yet, but their PR says they have a few hundred ingredients on site, and they'll specialize in creating custom scents.

    I've seen apothecary-type places with essential oils where you can blend your own scent - I'm not sure if this is like one of those, but with someone to help, or if they'll have actual perfume ingredients, aromachemicals, etc. I've also heard of niche perfumers creating bespoke scents for clients, but custom scents for the masses seems rather unique.

    I'm not sure what their price range is, but if the space is solely devoted to this concept (i.e. if they sell no niche or designer lines, at all - and I don't think they do), they can't be THAT expensive. The shop is located in a fairly high-end space with a lot of foot traffic.

    They posted a little YouTube video, and this is all the information I can find. Their website is just an link to their email address.

    I'm kind of excited to check it out. I would have preferred a nice little niche perfumery (Denver has not one of these), but at least there's something creative and fragrance-related going on.

    Has anyone ever been to a shop created solely the purpose of creating custom scents? How was it?
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    Default Re: Just got a custom fragrance shop in my neighborhood!

    That sounds like fun LiveJazz! Please go and give yourself a treat and at least smell the materials and essences. Even if you don't create something, you'll gain an immense knowledge by just identifying certain accords. Oh and see if they have natural civet and/or musk and oakmoss!

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    Default Re: Just got a custom fragrance shop in my neighborhood!

    You just might find some unexpected treats!

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