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    Default dark warm cheap frag

    hi all i am looking for a cheaper dark warm frag... any suggestions please...

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Halston Z-14
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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    I have been using Burberry london and i really like it ... but i want something cheaper
    How is Halston Z-14 in comparison to London ? if anyone of you have tried both.

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    You can get 30ml of Burberry London for £13 from Cheap Smells. If you are looking at dirt cheap you could get Quorum which is dark and warm as they come for just under £8. Have not tried the Halston.

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    I looked at Quorum but wasnt sure about it as never heard about it

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Z-14 is superb. It has a very nice dark cinnamon vibe to it. I agree it would be a good fit for what you are looking for.

    Oh, and as for Burberry London versus Z-14... I own and like both of them about equally. If I *had* to choose, I probably would pick Z-14 as I find it a bit more versatile than London.
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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    avon tomorrow for him,
    black xs

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Sunrise by Franck Olivier

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Dare I say, M7 or Heritage by Guerlain
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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Savador Dali Pour homme

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Quote Originally Posted by JDBIII View Post
    Halston Z-14
    +1, you will be more than satisfied. Very inexpensive.
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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Cuba Red
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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Quote Originally Posted by vbs View Post
    Cuba Red [by Cuba Paris]
    +1 ...

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Body Kouros

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    encre noire
    for swap/sale:

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    I'd go with Perry Ellis 360 Black, Guess by Marciano or Halston Z-14. I'd say 360 Black is more of a comforting exotic smell for a night out. I've had a woman rub her face on my arm just to get cozy with it. I see Guess by Marciano as any anytime scent. It's definitely dark and warm. Z-14 has a little bit of everything in it, but I see it is more of a slightly rugged scent with just enough of a hint of softness. I own Quorum too, but I don't consider it dark or warm. Quorum is citrusy early on, then green and rugged.

    All of these can be purchased for around $20 shipped on Ebay, for the big bottle size.
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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    These are all great suggestions, and I would add Corduroy by Zirh.

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Trussardi Uomo
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    Cool Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Try Davidoff of my top 5 scents.

    It can be found now online under 25$ for 75ml. You'll thank me if it's for yourself (and you'll have the patience to survive top notes) and others will thank you if will be a gift. Good luck!.
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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Azzaro pour Homme
    Avon Black Suede Touch
    Versace Black Jeans
    Tabac Man
    Jacomo Rouge
    Gainsboro Man
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    Sur la Plage

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Michael Kors for Men

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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    Bal a Versailles

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    Get yourself down to Marks and Spencer and sample the Autograph Intense. £15 for 100ml! It does not smell cheap though. This blurb is quite accurate:

    'A glorious, sensual fragrance with top notes of mandarin and red apple leading to a heart of violet, offset by a leather accord and a hint of whiskey. The base is a blend of amber notes, enhanced with oakwood, vanilla, labdanum and intense musks.'

    It is very similar to Boss Bottled, which you may know.
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    Default Re: dark warm cheap frag

    What does "dark" even mean in fragrance? So vague.

    That said, Zirh Ikon is the best cheap fragrance I know of. Dry spices and patchouli.

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