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    Default Anyone in Twin Cities/upper midwest area interested in acquiring my aromachemicals?

    I bought 200-some aromachems in small quantities (5-100 gm or mL in most cases) between 2006-2008 when I was part of the perfumemaking Yahoo groups. These were from group buys and Perfumer's Apprentice primarily, and have been stored at room temp with no light exposure. I used very little and am ready to pass these on to someone else. Ideally this would be someone who could drive here and pick them up so I don't have to package them all for shipping.

    If you are interested, send me a PM and we can talk in more detail.

    Acetyl iso eugenol 93-29-8
    Aldehyde C8
    Aldehyde C9
    Aldehyde C10 ( decanal)
    Aldehyde C11 – undecylenic 112-45-8
    Aldehyde C12 lauric
    Aldehyde C12 – mna
    Aldehyde C14 peach
    Aldehyde C16 strawb 77-83-8
    Aldehyde C18 – coconut
    Alpha ionone
    Alpha terpineol 98-55-5
    Amborol 50
    Ambrox DL
    Amylcinnamylaldehyde 122-40-7
    Animalid polarome
    Anisic Aldehyde
    Anisyl Acetate
    Anisyl alcohol
    Aurantiol (MA/hydroxy Schiff's)
    Benzophenone 119-61-9
    Benzyl acetate 140-11-4
    "Benzyl alcohol : 100-51-6"
    Benzyaldehyde 100-52-7
    Benzyl benzoate120-51-4
    Benzyl butyrate 103-37-7
    Benzyl cinnamate 103-41-3
    Benzyl iso-eugenol 120-11-6
    Benzyl phenyl acetate FCC 102-16-9
    Benzyl propionate 122-63-4
    Benzyl salicylate 118-58-1
    Bergamot Givco 104
    Beta naphthyl ethyl ether, yarayara 93-18-5
    Beta naphthyl methyl ketone; oranger crystals 93-08-3
    Birch leaf Givco 166
    Black Agar Givco 215
    Calone 28940-11-6
    Cassis givco
    Castoreum givco 116
    "Cedramber, cedryl me ether 19870-74-7"
    Cedrol 77-53-2
    "Celestolide IFF 13171-00-1"
    Cetalox 3738-00-9
    Cinnamyl acetate 103-54-8
    Cinnamyl alcohol 104-54-1
    Citral cas #5392-40-5
    Citralva aka geranyl nitrile 5146-66-7
    Citronellal 106-23-0
    Citronellol 106-22-9
    Citronellyl acetate 150-84-5
    Citrilys Givco 169
    Civette Givco 208
    Costausol 67770-79-0
    Coumarin 91-64-5
    Cyclamen aldehyde 103-95-7
    Damascone beta 23726-91-2
    Damascenone total aka beta 23696-85-7
    Diethyl phthalate 84-66-2
    Dihydrojasmone 1128-08-1
    Dihydro jasmone lactone, 7011-83-8, aka ga me decalactone
    Dihydromyrcenol 18479-58-8
    Dimethyl anthranilate 85-91-6
    Dimethyl benzyl carbinol 100-86-7
    Dimethyl benzyl carbinyl acetate 151-05-3
    Dimethyl octenone 2550-11-0
    Dimetol 13254-34-7
    Dimetol 13254-34-7
    Diphenyl oxide 101-84-8
    Dorinia SA
    Dossinia givco 167 pmf
    Ebanol (sandal pentenol) 67801-20-1
    Ethyl cinnamate 103-36-6
    Ethyl heptanoate
    Ethyl linalool
    Ethyl vanillin
    Ethylene brassylate, Musk T
    Ethylene brassylate, Musk T
    Exaltenone 50% in IPM
    Exaltolide- omega delta penta decalactone
    Galaxolide (musk GX) 50% dpg
    Gamma-methyl decalactone - see dihydro jasmone lactone
    Geranyl acetate
    Geranyl butyrate 106-29-6
    Green Ivy Givco 168
    Green Tea Givco 228
    Guaiacwood eo
    Habanolide aka globalide
    Hedione aka methyl dihydro jasmonate (MJD)
    (Hedione or) MJD
    Hexyl cinnamaldehyde
    Hexyl cinnamyl aldeh 101-86-0
    Hexyl salicylate
    Honeyrose givco 219
    Hydrocinnamic aldeh 104-53-0
    Ionone, alpha
    Ionone, beta
    Ionone methyl alpha iso
    Ionone beta 14901-07-6
    Ionone beta, dihydro 17283-81-7
    Ionone, methyl
    Methyl ionone gamma supreme
    Iso E Super
    Iso E Super
    Isoamyl salicylate
    Isobutavan Givco
    Isobutyl phenylacetate FCC
    Isobutyl quinoline
    Iso eugenol
    Isoeugenyl acetate
    Isoraldeine 95
    Jasmin 11480
    Jasmine Etoile Givco
    Jasmone, cis
    Jasmonyl, nonane-1,3-diol diacetate
    Labienoxime 10%
    Leaf acetate (Z)-3-hexen-1-yl acetate 3681-71-8
    Leaf alcohol z-3-hexen-1-ol
    Limonene dextro redistilled 99%
    Linalyl acetate
    Linalyl acetate synthetic FCC
    Linalyl cinnamate
    Lindenblossom givco 151
    Lyral (IFF)
    Methyl 2-noneonate
    Methyl anthranilate FCC purified
    Methyl benzoate
    Methyl cedryl ketone (Vertofix)
    Methyl cinnamic aldehyde, alpha-methyl cinnamaldehyde
    Methyl diantilis
    Methyl isoeugenol
    Methyl laitone 10% DPG
    Methyl laitone 10% DPG
    Methyl salicylate 119-36-8
    Musk ketone
    Myraldyl acetate, freesia acetate
    Nectaryl peach cyclopentanone
    Nerolex, 98% nerol, 1% geraniol
    Oakmoss Givco 214
    Okoumal Givco
    okoumal Givco
    Orange Givco 229
    Orriniff 25% in IPM
    Oud synth 10760 E
    PADMA phenylacetaldehyde dimethyl acetal, aka Viridine
    Para cresyl acetate 140-39-6
    Para cresyl isobutyrate 103-93-5
    "Para cresyl phenylacetate 101-94-0 "
    Para-methyl acetophone
    Patchone, patchouli hexanol
    Pharoane 10%
    Phenyl acetal aldehyde 50% in PEA 122-78-1
    Phenylacetic acid 103-82-2
    Phenylethyl acetate
    Phenylethyl alcohol
    Phenylethyl alcohol
    Phenylethyl isobutyrate
    Phenylethyl phenylacetate 102-20-5
    Phenylpropyl alcohol, or hydrocinnamyl alcohol
    Rhodinol 70
    Rose Crystals/ rose acetate
    Rose Givco 217
    Sampaquita givco 138
    Sandalwood givco 203
    Stemone 22457-23-4
    Styralyl acetate “gardenol” 93-92-5
    Toscanol Givco
    Tropifruit Givco
    Ultrazur Givco
    "Verdyl acetate 5413-60-5 "
    Vertofix, see me cedryl ketone
    Verimoss aka Evernyl
    Vetiveryl acetate
    Ysamber K

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    Default Re: Anyone in Twin Cities/upper midwest area interested in acquiring my aromachemicals?

    wish I lived in the area.
    You can check out my fragrances at
    While I work on the website, you can email me for any inquiries at

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    Default Re: Anyone in Twin Cities/upper midwest area interested in acquiring my aromachemicals?

    Just in case it was not clear, if these are picked up and I do not have to ship them, they are free.

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    Default Re: Anyone in Twin Cities/upper midwest area interested in acquiring my aromachemicals?

    Mmh, well I don't live there, but just in case you decided that you can ship them I would be happy to pay for it!
    Sebastiano - Organic Chemist

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    Default Re: Anyone in Twin Cities/upper midwest area interested in acquiring my aromachemicals?

    Hi Caribou, I just sent you a PM, hope to make arrangements to pick up, if you haven't found someone already. What a generous offer.

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    Default Re: Anyone in Twin Cities/upper midwest area interested in acquiring my aromachemicals?

    Sorry guys, since no one came forward in a few days to get them for free, they are no longer free and I'm having to sell/ship them.

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    Default Re: Anyone in Twin Cities/upper midwest area interested in acquiring my aromachemicals?

    I"m in Toronto, I'd pay for the shipping and name your price, give me an approx weight, please, this is serious offer.Many thanks

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