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    Default scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    So far the list I have of fragrances that are similar or BETTER (more refined, sophisticated, masculine, etc) than Bvlgari Black is:

    Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels for men (similar)
    Aigner Black
    Cavalli Black
    Kouros Body by Yves Saint Laurent
    S.T. Dupont Signature for Men
    Patchouli 24 Le Labo for men (VERY similar)
    Nostalgia Santa Maria Novella

    What else similar is out there for me to check out?

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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    Black has a nice rubber note. Some of those that you mention also have a rubber note, though others have more leathery or tarry notes (eg Dzing, an animalic leather, or Patchouli 24, which has a potent tar note), which are broadly in the same family.

    Other leathers gravitating in a similar area are Knize Ten (leather and amber) and Rien (stronger, more synthetic leather). More rubbery, Vierges et toreros or Etro Gomma.

    Of course, Black is excellent and I'm not sure I can define any of the other "better".


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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    Patchouli 24. Same nose too.
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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    Sorry nothing is better than the fabulous Black.

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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    I agree with Donna.

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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    Cacio said pretty much all but I'll add

    MAC MV3 and Habanita (which for some reasons I perceive as a sort of ante-litteram Black)

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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    I would vote here for VC&Arpels Midnight in Paris (EDP version) as being the closest to Bvlgari Black, even it's a tricky resemblance: on my skin VCA has a more pronounced tonka-leather-incensy allure from the very first application and BB delivers a black tea(rubber)-citrus which evolves very nice into a velvety leather-vanilla scent.
    As about Aigner Black (for men) I think it's not too close to BB, being a straight sweet-musky-leathery blend without vanilla.
    If I had to choose between these 3, I would choose instantly BvlgariBlack ('you can't fight with love at first sight', isn't it?)
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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    Question.....What about La Nuit De L'Homme Edt? I would say that they are in the same family.....Another question.....What about La Nuit De L'Homme Edp? I have not smelled this yet!!! Just a couple of questions!!!

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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    Here's what smells just like Bvlgari Black to me!

    1. SL Chergui
    2. Cacharel Gloria

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    Default Re: scents simila to Bvlgari Black?

    Midnight in Paris is about the closest smelling frag to Bulgari Black!
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