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    Question To spritz, perchance to daub. . .

    Somewhere in these environs I encountered a rather huffier-than-though "obviously" response on the correct application of scent, which to spray.

    Oh. Really? I'm not nuts about my scents arriving at me airborne. Some of them tickle, and not in a pleasant way, and some of them seem to lose top notes in transit. Finally, my entire experience of the fragrance is altered by its beginning. This really was brought home to me by my recent purchase—shall I say score?— of Mollie Parnis—wait, scores, plural not twenties thereof—parfum and EDP. I had the EDP, going back to 1978, in a splash bottle. My eBay find, unused, was the spray. So, I sprayed. Something, something, was missing. That first ketonic blast, a "hey, fellas" sort of greeting, just was not there. So, I daubed. Not wanting to contaminate my covetously regarded new purchase, I used my relatively new daub routine, to wit:

    Shred off about one-fourth of an average cotton ball. Saturate with the fragrance. Using a swift light touch, apply to: wrists, back of hands, palms, elbows, neck, cleavage (or Continental Divide, depending on one's age and state of voluptuosity or lack thereof), under the boobs, then southerly as desired (I like navel, mons, and the back of my knees), finally tucking the spent 1/4 cotton ball into my bra. Result: I can revisit top notes at will, and more marriage of skin and scent.

    Or am I just so wrong?
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    Default Re: To spritz, perchance to daub. . .

    Not wrong - totally right! Application can make all the difference in the world with some scents. Maybe even most scents. I have retrieved frags from the "sell list" by discovering the proper application. Cloyingness, sharpness, too strong, too weak - they can all be fixed by optimal application.

    My favorite way to daub without wasting from a spray bottle is to just put the spray head next to the skin and press very, very slowly, so that liquid runs out onto one spot. Works like a charm.
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    Default Re: To spritz, perchance to daub. . .

    Everybody has their own preference and style. There is no wrong way.

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    Default Re: To spritz, perchance to daub. . .

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Everybody has their own preference and style. There is no wrong way.
    Amen (not the fragrance though, lol) to that!
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