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    Default Is Secret de Venus so much tulipmania?

    I've just ventured onto eBay and am floored at the price of vintage Weils, esp anything Secret de Venus or Zibeline. Still I ask myself, whence my curiosity? Am I, to quote from the sticky, "fragrance promiscuous?" I had, lost, and finally recovered my favorite fragrance. It seems to me that having gotten what I wanted, to go on looking is to deny myself satisfaction.

    That fragrance: Mollie Parnis, a Weil scent according to I bought some the year it came out, 1978. It was the fragrance that wiped out the memory of any other. It was me. I nursed that bottle (2 oz EDP splash) for over 20 years.For the last 10, I had been content to open the bottle and sniff that remaining quarter inch. Now, I have also scoured eBay for the past 5 years in search of a bottle.

    Then in an O'Henry like moment of clarity and raw good luck, I sent out that last remnant to a knowing nose, when, lo and behold I snagged the pure parfum on ebay at a nice price, being to sole bidder. In the meantime, my correspondent had a sighting of the EDP, and I got that, too as sole bidder for a not-ungodly $150. It is everything I remembered and cherished.

    I also have Weil de Weil, a magnificent green/galbanum, and a mini of Chunga. Weil intrigues me. Is there a family resemblance to the scents? So I look a little more. Truthfully, when I see SdV with an asking price of $500, my curiosity is tempered by the sheer ridiculousness of it all. I take a deep breath and think, am I happy with Mollie P? Yes, more than happy, content. It is with the help of this forum that I am able to say that. I know what is enough.
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