So I'm planning to throw a NYE party this year, and the theme is going to be perfume adverts across three floors, so three different ads (I really wanted to call it 'Scents of an Ending' after the Julian Barnes Booker-winner just recently(!!), with the ref being to the end of the year, but have been told that no-one will get the link, sigh, so back to the name drawing-board!)

I have two ads already that I'm going to use, but for the third am not's going to be a chill-out area, and most of the decor I have in it is red/gold in silks etc, so I really wanted it to be an opulent, decadent, possibly Asian-themed advert. I thought Opium might come up trumps, but although I found one older ad for it in which a woman visits an Eastern market to buy new perfume, the mood isn't as sensual as I ideally want...

It can be a print or TV ad, though if print ideally a series, so that it evokes a universe/environment more, which is why I said pref TV in the title. Shalimar has a few good print ones I've seen so far, but still nothing quite right.

Any ideas?? Thanks so much in advance! Any suggestions are much appreciated