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    Default Similar to Si Lolita

    This is for my wife.
    I got some suggestions in the price-range that suits me:

    Caron Parfum Sacre
    Caron Pour Une Femme de Caron
    Caron Bellodgia
    Mauboussin Histoire d`Eau
    Rochas Absolu
    Are anyone of these mentioned above "old-lady scents"? (we don't want that...)

    Please help me a little further here. We are looking for a perfume similar to Si Lolita or at least in the same landscape. Spicy.
    Any other suggestion(s)? I'll be grateful for that.

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    Default Re: Similar to Si Lolita

    I'm not sure what you mean by "old-lady" (powdery?), but Parfum Sacre is rather spicy. So is Caron's Nuit de Noel. Both of them are a little darker than Si Lolita.


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    Default Re: Similar to Si Lolita

    Quote Originally Posted by cacio View Post
    I'm not sure what you mean by "old-lady" (powdery?), but Parfum Sacre is rather spicy. So is Caron's Nuit de Noel. Both of them are a little darker than Si Lolita.

    Yes, powdery seems to be the right word and/or over-sweet.
    (I'll have to check out the Nuit de Noel as well now...

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    Default Re: Similar to Si Lolita

    Hmmm... I did not find Si Lolita spicey at all. No clue what "old-lady" scent means for you. But if you are looking for really modern scents then you are looking in the wrong place - most of those on your list are real classics. Some remarks on the ones I know (maybe it will help with making a choice):

    Bellodgia is a sparkling carnation scent (smelling of cloves)
    Parfum Sacre is a very special, slightly spicey powdery scent
    Historie d'Eau is a spicey, warm amber, great for the winter
    Absolu is again an amber scent, less deep than Histoire and not spicey - really good nonetheless

    I have to say that I don't find any of these scents resembling Si Lolita the least. While Si is a pleasant "pretty girl" scent, these are all mature, womanly scents - quite a different category.
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    Default Re: Similar to Si Lolita

    Well, while I hat the designation, I cannot pretend I do not understand what constitutes old lady scents. I'd veer you away from the whole Caron line, personally. I think Theorema is rather like Si Lolita. You might also like Ambre Narguille

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    Default Re: Similar to Si Lolita

    Please tell your wife that she can do SO much better than Si Lolita. After the first peppery note it is so faint that it's almost nothing. (BTW the other Lolita Lempicka perfumes are quite different and wonderful but maybe not her taste).

    Almost any light spicey floral perfume would be a vast improvement on Si Lolita. Have you tried Allure Sensuelle,, Eau des Merveilles and for a stronger but very beautiful one, Classique EDT.

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    Default Re: Similar to Si Lolita

    Angelofthenorth, who does Classique EdT? JPG?

    I find Si Lolita quite pleasant, and can't but compare it to the discontinued and hard to find Fendi Asja. Not exactly the same but in the same venue would be Lalique EdP in a heavy square bottle (bay leaf, vanilla and dry woods).
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    Default Re: Similar to Si Lolita

    Hi Anders! Of your list, I would say Parfum Sacre is in the same realm as Si Lolita, as far as sweetly spicy with a touch of light incense are concerned. Parfum Sacre is a much more assertive fragrance than Si. I'll also be contradictory and say explore Caron a little further! If it's that peppery top note in Si you're looking for, try Caron Poivre. It's got that feel throughout and projects more like Si, in my experience.
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