Hello, I'm new to this forum and hope that somebody can advise me regarding Amouage cristal & gold perfume & after shave.
During the late 1990's an old friend bought my partner & I the perfume and after shave as a present as a thank you for house sitting while he was away for work (he worked in the oil & gas industry in the middle east). I must admit that after trying it we decided it was a little overpowering for our tastes & it wasn't used much since then, so we put the boxes in the loft. The bottles/flasks are very striking, i will post a link which shows what they look like.
I came across them recently & curiosity led me to google the name and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the perfume is on sale (new) at prices ranging from $200 to $2500!
I would be grateful if anyone could help me distinguish how valuable they actually are. I may look into selling them at some point & would also be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction as to selling them in the uk (preferably not via eBay as I guess it's best to get them checked out first). Advice is gratefully received, thanks in advance

The bottles look like these