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    Default advice on Aveda oil set

    Unpacking in my new house I found a complete set of Aveda Per-fume Absolute oils. There are 7 different oils in a metal box in perfect condition. No fluid oz measurements on the vials but they are about 5cm high and are all full. The set includes Hana, Eros, Pshyche, Amazonia, Gaia, Mizan and Isesl.
    Am I right in thinking these are rare and discontinued? Any idea what they might be worth and where I should sell them? I looked around online and on ebay but it seems like they should go to someone who will really appreciate the exquisite nature of this complete set.
    Any advice much appreciated.

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    Default Re: advice on Aveda oil set

    I have the companion Chakra tin. The one you have/had is known as the Inspiritu tin.
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