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Thread: Onde Mystere

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    Picked up a 100ml bottle of this recently for a decent price $74 shipped and it's very nice.

    Throughout the morning so far I am catching whiffs that smell a LOT like Santal 33. I am going to investigate this further when I get home.

    Considering the note chart I am surprised it smells like it so much, that being said it's definitely unisex maybe leaning towards manly to me but does smell great. I get a dry, woody, incense very nice.

    Anyone else with this and Santal care to compare?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiptos View Post
    Picked up a 100ml bottle of this recently for a decent price $74 shipped
    For that size - very good price.

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    I wore Onde Mystere as my signature scent for a year or so. I also own and love S33.
    Santal 33 is very different than OM.
    I don't get the comparison.
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