Italian niche line il Profumo has launched two new fragrances in their Osmo line, Fleur de Bambł and Santal Rouge.

Fleur de Bambł (shown) ~ “An olfactory homage to bamboo, from its heady flowers, the green of its leaves and its rapid-growing life sustaining wood.” With rice milk, bamboo, ivy, water lily and lotus blossom.

Santal Rouge ~ “The intense perfume of sandal has always kindled the dream of a journey for poets and writers from all over the world. It evokes the nostalgia of travels between East and West. Symbol of wealth it was once used as a trading currency. Il Profumo’s Santal Rouge uses sandalwood’s red berries combined with the bark and resinous drops of the tree’s essential oil. It is a perfume which has always been highly regarded by women, giving rise to an atavistic olfactory thrill. The result on men’s skin is one of sensual elegance.” With citrus, red berries, carnation, sandalwood, rosewood and clove.

Il Profumo Fleur de Bambł and Santal Rouge are available in 50 and 100 ml, concentration unknown. They can be found now at First in Fragrance in Germany.