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    Default HELP NEEDED - Finding a perfume

    Hi Everyone.

    Not sure if anyone can help me or if I am posting this on the correct thread.

    I am looking for a perfume that my mum used to wear. I dont know who it is by all I know is that the bottle was round with clear glass and it had a round gold lid that had a white stone set in it.
    I have looked on Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and cannot see it on them. Like I said I dont know who its by or if they have changed the bottle.

    Hope someone can hopefully advise me who it or was by

    Many Thanks


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    Default Re: HELP NEEDED - Finding a perfume

    You'll need to provide some more information about it if you want to find it! What about the juice?

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    Default Re: HELP NEEDED - Finding a perfume

    I'm sure someone on this board will come through with the answer. There are many savvy people here.

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    Default Re: HELP NEEDED - Finding a perfume

    If you only remember the bottle, there's a forum for bottle collectors.

    I'm new here, but it seems a rather separate hobby. You might try posting your question there as well.

    good luck with the search!

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    Default Re: HELP NEEDED - Finding a perfume

    Maybe Bill Blass Nude?

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