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    Question from M7 towards Oud 27?

    are these two too far apart, and does enjoying M7 means it is likely for me to enjoy and appreciate the Le Labo offering?

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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    Have the former and sampled the latter. Not the same to me.

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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    They're very different. Despite the name, Oud 27 is not oudy. It is excellent, though, so one can enjoy it too. Oud 27 starts with a powerful, extremely dirty, unpresentable musk. Over time, it cleans up and the drydown is an elegant, and very presentable, dry wood. (In a very funny and spot-on review, Luca Turin mentions young women selling dirty underwear on the web and describes Oud 27 as a dirty thing that, caught in mid action, buttons up and pretends to be an elegant woody).


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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    thanks for the enlightment!!

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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    only two members know oud 27?.... how many le labo fans here?

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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    Probably they're on vacation (it's veterans day here). Here's another thread on oud 27, but there are probably more:

    By the way, the Oud 27 body lotion is excellent too, very persistent, with the animalics very much in evidence. My favorite together with their Iris cream (too bad they don't do Patchouli cream).


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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    yep, ... i read this thread... i still ordered it... blind.... i somewhat have the gut feeling i will like it... thanks cacio!!

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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    I've got Oud 27 and have sampled M7. Very different. Oud 27 is a bold, dramatic thing and starts with a big sour oud/saffron blast then dries down to a harmonious woody scent. I love it. On the other hand I find M7 a but dull in comparison and it reminds me of Gucci pour homme in the dry down - only not as interesting

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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    I have owned both and they are quite different. I am one who thinks M7 is a bit on the medicinal side at first then dries down to a warm woody base. Oud 27 opens up very animalic to my nose to my nose and then becomes a warm woody scent as well. I am more of a fan of Oud 27.

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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    I like both too. M7 is very warm and ambery to me. Oud27 is not like anything I have smelled before, I thought it was quite striking and got all excited. Crapped out on me after 4 hours but I only tried it the one time, and it was a big day.

    EDIT: It was actually Byredo Oud Immortel I tried sorry so disregard all what I said about Oud27. I tried it that day, but didnt wear it on skin.

    But Oud Immortel: I tried it again and it is amazing. I'm completely in love. I doesn't "crap out" after about, it turns weird and ashy for awhile, then smells nice again. I have grown to love the weird ashiness. It has good longevity. I don't really know what Oud smells like, but I suspect Oud Immortel is not a literal depiction of it.
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    Default Re: from M7 towards Oud 27?

    Oud 27 is really dirty and weird. I like it somewhat but I don't know if I could actually wear it in public. Like others have said, there's a lot of dirty underwear going on in Oud 27. There's also something else in Oud 27 that I can't exactly describe, other than calling it the "Heineken" note. Not exactly the skunky note, but there's another characteristic of Heineken beer that I also find in Oud 27. It does get better as it dries down.

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