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    Lightbulb Bond No.9 limited editions...Harrod's Oud ramblings...

    I have been thinking about Bond No.9's Harrod's Limited Edition Oud. I have a small decant of this and would really like a full bottle but the crystal encrusted bottle at about $600 is just a ridiculously priced luxury. I don't give a hoot about the bottle, I like the fragrance.

    So, during Bonds free refill event I called to see if they had a bottle without the crystals in the store that I could buy. The answer was "no", they had run out. They had one of the Swarovski bottles and offered to discount it for me. (I did not even ask how much they would discount the bottle because I knew it would not be a deep discount.)

    Fast forward to my order.

    I called and placed my order by phone and again asked the person taking my order if there was any chance that one bottle without the crystals could be found (blind hope) and the answer was, "No, that fragrance has been discontinued." Really? Something this good is being discontinued? Or, is this one simply not going to be an exclusive like the Harrod's Amber? Is there a chance that the Harrod's Oud might be coming into the Bond range as a regular scent?

    Going back to a conversation at Nordstrom's.

    My local Nordstrom's in one of the few in the nation that now carries Bond. (I think there are three? Or is it six? No matter.) I have visited the Bond counter four times. The first time I was told that Bond was going to make a scent that would be exclusive for Nordstrom's. The Second time I asked when the exclusive would come out, thinking it might be before Christmas. I was told the Nordstrom's exclusive would be released in April 2013. On my visit last week I asked again and they again indicated an April release.

    Now I am wondering if I am putting two and two together and getting five! LOL! Is there any chance that the Harrod's Oud might become another exclusive, this time for Nordstrom's That might be too much to hope for but I do hope so.

    Any comments welcome. I just hope that this amazing scent will not be discontinued...
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    Default Re: Bond No.9 limited editions...Harrod's Oud ramblings...

    I love Harrods Oud, and think it is by far the best Bond fragrance.

    IMO, I don't think it would be a big seller in the US - I think it is too "barnyardy" for most people. But I would love to see it released into the regular lineup. Here's hoping.....

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    Default Re: Bond No.9 limited editions...Harrod's Oud ramblings...

    I'm interested in getting a decant or sample of the limited edition, but it is pretty hard to come by on the internet. Is there anyone interested in splitting a decant or some such, so that I might be able to have a sample instead of blind buying?

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