I just got a bottle of Dirty English by Juicy Coutore as a christmas gift, and I like the combination of smoky notes, incense and woods, sort of like a mashup of Gucci Envy, Pour Homme and an autumn campfire. My problem is that I'm afraid I might be anosomic to something in it, because I feel that contrary to almost every review here it simply doesn't project well at all. It smells great, and I can detect it 10 hours later if I stick my head down my shirt but to me it doesn't feel like it has much presence. My female coworkers all liked it but they could only smell it once they got up so close their noses were almost on my collar. Granted, if this scent encourages women to get that close to me on a regular basis, I'll keep a few bottles handy lol

So, what smells similar to it on the market? A smoky, ambery woody oriental with incense?