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    Default Pecksniff's Cardinal

    As a true newbie, I have not had the opportunity to try enough fragrances to be able to compare. I found one that I like and want to try others in the category. I find this to be short-to-moderate in longevity, but the effect the next morning is lovely.

    I recently received a sample of Pecksniff's Cardinal from London Bathecary, and wonder if anyone has sampled this. How does it compare to other incense fragrances?

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    Default Re: Pecksniff's Cardinal

    From this house, only have tried Mistraal & Loden. How strong is the incense note in Cardinal?

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    Default Re: Pecksniff's Cardinal

    To me, the incense notes are predominant, but over a woody base. I have samples of Avignon and Full Incense coming to compare.

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    Default Re: Pecksniff's Cardinal

    CardinaL? I thought this name was already taken by Heeley in an incense scent.

    With all the silly "ownership" of common names out there and lawsuits (Bond No. 9 claiming the word "peace," and Parfums D'Orsay claiming "dandy"), why another "cardinal" in the mix?

    As I enjoy incense, this should be interesting. Thank you for posting.

    My fav is CDGs Avignon.
    "...her fragrance all in my keeping; softly she comes in the night." Lyrics, Gordon Lightfoot, "Softly."

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