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    Default Need A New Signature Scent

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new into fragrances however after reviews on base notes I decided to get La Nuit De L'homme and loved it. For the first month I could not stop sniffing myself, I loved La Nuit's scent, projection and longevity. I'm in college and I need a new signature scent. Fragrances that I have and like are Acqua di Gio, Gucci by Gucci, La Nuit De L'homme, and Arancia di Capri. Two fragrances that I haven't enjoyed as much are Pure Havane and Midnight in Paris. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Need A New Signature Scent

    Guerlains L'Instant pour homme

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    Default Re: Need A New Signature Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by heperd View Post
    Guerlains L'Instant pour homme
    Eau De Parfum or Eau De Toilette?

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    Default Re: Need A New Signature Scent

    Terre d'Hermes by Hermes - The opening of this very unique fragrance treats one to a mild splatter of sparkling, dry grapefruit and orange, with a metallic, clean flavor lightly dancing in that citrus duet. This wonderful opening expertly transitions into its evocative heart, where a slightly peppery and arid cedar, with a wiff of pachouli, and a flickering of something floral begins to simmer. This earthy woodiness is masterfully blended with the warm sweetness of benzoin, and flashes of bitterness from the vetiver, to form its satisfying, outdoorsy base. This sophisticated and distinctive fragrance should be a welcomed addition to one's repertoire. It's an all-season EDT, and has excellent projection and longevity.


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    Default Re: Need A New Signature Scent

    Montale Aoud Forest

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    Default Re: Need A New Signature Scent

    Unless they don't want to give out their signature, does anyone have anymore suggestions?

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