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    Default Looking for My Signature Rose

    I love the smell of real roses but in the perfumes that I've tried what I get is either a soapy rose or a powdery rose. I smell like an old lady working behind a perfume counter at Macy's. What I like is fresh dewy rose (from the earth it grows in to the green stem to the petals), or velvety ripe rose in full bloom, or a smokey rose.

    What I'm looking for is a more atypical rose fragrance. To smell the evolution of the rose which morphs from ground to bud to full bloom. The combination of leather and velvety ripe rose. Or a smouldering smokey incensy rose.

    Can you recommend any niche fragrances with this type of criteria?

    Your response is greatly appreciated. TIA
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    Diptyque's L'ombre dans L'eau is the archetypal green rose in bud. For a smoky rose, try Tauer's Incense Rose.
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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    UN ZEST DE ROSE by Les Parfums de Rosine

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    Update: added notes.

    Paestum Rose: spicy rose with resis
    Rose 31 - Le Labo: rose but... differently. Hard to describe.
    Rose Absolue by Annick Goutal: smells like smelling a bouquet of healthy roses.
    Une Rose and Portrait of a Lady: imagine you had 30 Roses in your garden, and from those roses you were to grasp the best one from the root and pull it out. This is what Une Rose smells like.
    Voleur de Roses : A perfect blend of patchouli (dusty/earthy) and rose.
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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    Many good suggestions already.

    The already mentioned le parfums de Rosine specializes in roses in all possible declinations, so I recommend you try a variety in the range to see what you like (zest, as said, is particularly dewy and fresh). I think Barney's carries the brand.

    Additional. Guerlain Nahema (jammy rose). For incense-rose, $$$ Amouage: Epic or Lyric (both man and woman). For a liquid, transparent-modern watery rose, CDG 2.


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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    I'd recommend checking out one of the three Sonoma Scent Studio roses, Velvet Rose, Vintage Rose, and Rose Musc. The first is a very green-fresh living rose, the second a winey-woody-plummy-peppery rose, the third is a lighter take but very natural, resting on an ambery base.

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    Incense Rose and Rose 31 are excellent suggestions. You could also check out Dark Rose from C&S, or if you want something really far out try Black Aoud.

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    Une Rose Chypree by Tauer - a medley of roses ...

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    The following are neither soapy nor powdery and really do smell very like roses, but they not incense-y nor leathery:

    Frederic Malle Une Rose-- this has a darker note as it develops.
    Creed Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare (not the similarly named Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie, which is soapy)
    AG Rose Absolue
    Montale Highness Rose

    An inexpensive fresh rose I have just found is Provence Santé Wild Rose.

    The Rosines are worth sampling. The website has a set of samples for sale:

    Tauer Incense Rose was recommended already; it is worth trying.

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    Tom Ford Noir de Noir. By Kilian Oud Rose.

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    L'Ombre dans l'Eau, Diptyque - Green. Rose bud & stem.
    Rose, Paul Smith - Fresh, sparkling, dewy rose. Like sticking your nose into a full rose in the garden.
    Rossy de Palma, L'Etat Libre d'Orange - Dark, velvety, incensey rose. Bit smokey and a bit ambery. Definitely smouldering.

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    Some great suggestions here. Totally agree with Une Rose - very crisp and rosy, totally bereft of any old lady vibe.
    Also want to add Lutens Sa Majeste la Rose. IMO it walks a line between green and powdery, and I find it very interesting. May be too powdery for what you're looking for in the end, but I'm not a powder fan, and I liked this.
    And I fell in love with DSH American Beauty as well. Spicy and rosy, with a deep patchouli base. It doesn't feature rose as the star quite as much as some of the recs above, but this one does it for me!

    A little extra reading, the wonderful 30 Roses sponsored a sample pass a while ago, and there are a lot of nice, short reviews on quite a few rose scents. The thread is good reading:

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    I agree--you've received some great ideas already!

    For a really fresh take on rose, I suggest Hermessence Rose Ikebana. It has good longevity on me, and it comes as close to a "signature" rose fragrance as I can have one.

    For a dark, complex, incense-y rose, I'd recommend Amouage Lyric Woman.

    A good, darkish, patchouli-infused rose scent is Guerlain Rose Barbare.

    A dark rose that turns smokey on me is Juliette Has a Gun Citizen Queen (not one of my personal faves, but worth trying).

    Have fun sniffing, and please come back to share what you've liked.

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    Default Re: Looking for My Signature Rose

    Jo Malone's Red Roses is one of the truest, freshest rose scents around. Too literal for some, but not me!

    Also simply adore Stella.

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