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    Default Aquatics in fragrance

    I think I "get" the scent that makes "aquatic" in a fragrance. That is, I know when I am smelling it. However, what ingredient is giving me that "by the water" sensation? And why am I thinking "aquatic" when I smell it? Just curious to understand it better. I do like it, but I can see that it is easily "overdone" in fragrances, as I also feel that "vanilla", "sugary", "musky", and "ozone" are overdone and are often just plain boring and one dimensional. What do you think?

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    Usually, the ingredient described as aquatic is calone, a fresh, somewhat melony smelling molecule. I dislike it, and totally agree with you that most modern sporty (aquatic, ozonic, metallic) are unpleasant. A special offender is Light blue for men.


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    There are a few componenets that can be used to make the aquatic scent - Calone is certainly a popular one - others that may be involved include Ultrazur which is an accord by Givaudan that includes a secret ingredient of theirs.

    Another common component is floralozone, which as the name suggests is often used to add a fresh ozonic note to perfumes while also imparting some florality. This one is particularly easy to overdose, which results in a synthetic smelling fragrance.

    Another is tras-6-cis-3-Nonadienal, which has a distinct cucumber / melon fragrance.

    All of these can be used to great effect in many fragrances, but like any ingredient they can also be over-used either in one fragrance resulting in something unreal smelling - or in a whole class of fragrances becoming boring and cliche. However in either case the fault lies with the perfumers not with the substance.
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    Default Re: Aquatics in fragrance

    After a while though this "common element" can be tedious IMO.

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