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    Default Diptyque Room Sprays

    Are they discontinued,i don't see them on their site. Unless they carry them only in the stores.
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    Default Re: Diptyque Room Sprays

    Don't know for sure, but don't recall seeing them in their boutique either on my last visit there.

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    Default Re: Diptyque Room Sprays

    I was at the Diptyque NYC store last week. I didn't pay attention. I do remember the room spray "34" (the new fragrance), but didn't check the others. If you are interested, you can also ask directly,, 212-879-3330


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    Default Re: Diptyque Room Sprays

    Recently picked up Galliano & Opoponax at the new Diptyque store here, there were a couple of others displayed.

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    Default Re: Diptyque Room Sprays

    I was there last week and saw them.
    They didn't mention any discontinuations.
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    Default Re: Diptyque Room Sprays

    Diptyque just replied to my e-mail and say they don't sell their room sprays abroad.
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    Default Re: Diptyque Room Sprays

    No, they cant be discontinued - I love my Diptyque gardenia room spray too much! :-o
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    Default Re: Diptyque Room Sprays

    I'm resurrecting an old thread...

    The room sprays are not discontinued.

    It is true that Diptyque doesn't sell its room sprays on, which I assume is primarily for North American customers. This is probably due to the restrictions placed on shipments of liquids, more specifically liquids containing alcohol such as room sprays. Alcohol-based liquids are considered hazardous because they are flammable.

    If you check out, you can see that they're still being sold.

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    Default Re: Diptyque Room Sprays

    They are not discontinued they are sold in store and on their website (at least UK/French website). Perhaps it's just your local store that is low in stock? I recently bought the "Pomander" room spray and it's fab.
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