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    Default Niche bottles/samples (Xerjoff/MDCI/Guerlain/PdN/Carner/PdF)

    MDCI- Ambre Topkapi- 99.9% full
    Xerjoff- Homme 17/17- 99.9% full
    Carner Barcelona- Cuirs EDP-- 100ml- 97% full
    PdF- Terrenico- 50ml--99.9% full
    PdF- By Night (White) 100ml--99.9% full
    Guerlain Habit Rouge EDP-95% full
    PdN- Patchouli Intense EDP 100ML- 97% full

    Only looking for bottles of (will trade multiple bottles):

    Olivier Durbano- Black Tourmaline Extrait
    Xerjoff- Gao
    LM- Hard Leather
    Nassomato- Hindu Grass
    Comme des Garcons- Blue Encens
    Majda Bekkali- Fusion Sacrée for Him
    Chanel- Bois des Iles Parfum
    ELDO- Rien Intense
    Costes- Costes
    Frapin- Caravelle Espicee
    HoM- Blackbird
    Annick Goutal- Sables (vintage)
    Annick Goutal- Ambre Fetiche (vintage)
    Creed- Virgin Island Water
    Opus Oils- M’Eau Joe № 3
    Ormonde Jayne- Ormonde Man
    Lubin- Idole de Lubin EDT or EDP
    Divine- L'homme Sage

    Elternhaus- MoslBuddJewChristHinDao
    Helmut Lang- Cuiron
    Norma Kamali- Incense
    Dior- Fahrenheit (Vintage)
    Chanel- Antaeus (Vintage)

    Samples Available for trade:

    Fragrances marked with a "*" signifies an official sample. Please also note that samples are for trading only and not for sale.

    Chanel- Sycomore*

    Amouage- Opus VII*
    Amouage- Jubilation XXV*
    Amouage- Dia Man*
    Amouage- Gold Man*
    Amouage- Interlude Man*
    Amouage- Lyric Man*
    Amouage- Journey Woman*
    Amouage- Honour Man*
    Amouage- Honour Woman*
    Amouage- Fate Man*
    Amouage- Reflection Man*
    Amouage- Memoir Man*

    Mona di Orio- Cuir (7ml)*
    Mona di Orio- Vetyver (7ml)*

    Puredistance- I*
    Puredistance- Antonia*

    Bond No.9- Little Italy*
    Bond No.9- Cooper Square*
    Bond No.9- Hamptons*
    Bond No.9- Success is a job in New York*
    Bond No.9- Central Park*

    Creed- Virgin Island Water*

    Dior Prive- Leather Oud*
    Dior Prive- Cologne Royal*
    Dior Prive- Patchouli Imperiale*
    Dior Prive- Granville*

    MFK- Absolue pour le soir*
    MFK- APOM Pour Homme*

    Frederic Malle- Iris Poudre*

    Diptyque- L'eau Neroli*
    Diptyque- L'eau de Lierre*
    Diptyque- L'eau de Tarocco*

    Histories de Parfums- 1804*
    Histories de Parfums- Noir Patchoulli*
    Histories de Parfums- Blanc Violette*
    Histories de Parfums- Ambre 114*
    Histories de Parfums- 1889 Moulan Rouge*

    Tom Ford- Noir de Noir
    Tom Ford- Bois Marocain

    Serge Lutens- Ambre Sultan
    Eau d'Italia- Bois d'Ombrie
    Divine- L'homme de Coeur
    PG-L'Ombre Fauve
    SMN- Nostalia
    Frederic Malle- Portrait of a lady
    Andy Tauer- Reverie au jardin
    Czech & Speake- Minosa*
    Sigilli- Athunis
    Bois 1920- Real Patchouli
    Montale- Black Aoud
    Rochas- Lui
    Pascal Morabito- Or Black
    Lush-Breath of God
    Geoffrey Beene- Grey Flannel
    Aesop- Mystra
    Caron- Le 3' Homme
    Guerlain- Vol de Nuit
    Ormande Jayne- Man
    Comme des Garcons- Hinoki
    Mazzolari- Lui
    Domenico Caraceni- 1913
    Frapin- Terre de Sarment

    Looking for (Spray samples preferred):

    Opus Oils- M’Eau Joe № 3
    House of Matriarch- Blackbird
    PK Perfumes- Cafe Diem
    Richard E Grant- Jack
    LM- Hard Leather
    O'Driu- Peety
    Norma Kamali- Incense
    CBIHP- 2nd Cumming (Extrait)
    Donna Karen- Black Cashmere
    Tiffany- Tiffany for men
    ELDO- Rien Intense
    Annick Goutal- Sables
    Soivohle- Vanillaville
    Soivohle- Leather Krem
    Soivohle- Ankhara
    Soivohle- Meerschaum
    Elternhaus- MoslBuddJewChristHinDao
    Santa Maria Novella- Acqua di Cuba
    Mazzolari- Lei
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    Default Re: Niche bottles/samples/discovery set (Xerjoff/MDCI/Guerlain/MFK/PdN/Carner)

    Send you a message, can trade Gao for MFK Oud.

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    Default Re: Niche bottles/samples/discovery set (Xerjoff/MDCI/Guerlain/MFK/PdN/Carner)

    Bump. Added official spray samples of Amouage Journey Man, Journey Women, Memoir Man, Honour Man, Opus VII, Lyric Man.

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    Default Re: Niche bottles/samples (Xerjoff/MDCI/Guerlain/PdN/Carner/PdF)

    Bumpity bump.

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