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    Default Uh Oh, Stock Not Always As It Should Be

    I was somewhat surprised to have discovered some pretty nasty bottles of inexpensive fragrance shipped direct from Amazon (not one of their third party sellers) that left me wanting my money back.

    Lomani's El Paso, which is dirt cheap over there and is one of the things I wear short-term while power walking, arrived in a badly leaking bottle.

    One Man Show By Jacques Bogart For Men was in even more shocking condition -- it had obviously been partially submerged in a flood. The box itself had a waterline, and the inside was a war crime. In addition to a small amount of sandy mud, the mold festival was a science project. The mildew had even managed to consume almost all of the ink right off the bottle.

    Both of these shipped from their Long Island warehouse. These are hardly top sellers, but it's disappointing nonetheless.

    The good news is that once you navigate Amazon's cumbersome customer service menu, they will readily agree to replace/refund your purchase, no return needed.

    The issue is that Amazon doesn't accept returns on most fragrances, so people assume their purchase is final. It isn't. Instead, use the customer service contact form and select "other" wherever possible to get to the text box where you can tell your story. is the best link to use. If you get stuck on a page saying they don't accept returns, back up and choose a different option from the dropdown menus until you get a space to leave your message.

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    Default Re: Uh Oh, Stock Not Always As It Should Be

    Just imagine the people who are packing the boxes in that warehouse. And imagine how much the care about what they are shoving into boxes all day. Anytime ive ever had a problem i have been given a full refund plus return shipping. Once i sent and email asking where an item was because it was taking a little longer than usual. they sent out another one of the same item next day shipping ,so i got two of them the next day.

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