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    Default Hypnse Sheer Eau Lgre

    Hi, this is my first thread I hope that I did it right.
    I went to a store to try Burberry The Beat EdT (didnt had ) and ended trying Hypnse Sheer Eau Lgre (at least is the name sold here at Brazil).
    I own Hypnse EdT and for "my nose" they smelled the same with the only diference that Legere isnt strong as the EdT (which I like better than EdP cause EdP is overwhelming ) and the sillage isn't long but I think that is the point with the legere (isnt? LOL)

    Had anyone try it? I would love to know your opinion.

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    Default Re: Hypnse Sheer Eau Lgre

    Hvae not tried it yet, but welcome nadiatavar!

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