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    Default Seasons and Serge Lutens

    I'm seeking advice on the wearability of certain Serge Lutems in different seasons. In particular, Vetiver Oriental. How does it wear in different seasons(winter vs. summer)? Do certain notes become more detectable?

    The reason I'm asking is because I'm considering a blind buy. I know, I know... It's risky. It's not the first time I've done it. I'm careful with my research and won't buy anything that's a big risk (ex:datura noir) for me. I've sampled many and own Chergui, Douce Amère, Cèdre, Un Bois Vanille, Ambre Sultan, Fourreau Noir.

    Most tend to develop the same on me year round, except Chergui. I love it in colder weather, it's sweet, creamy, and dry... All in one. But when I try wearing it in warmer weather, it's simply dry without much sillage. I would prefer my next purchase to be versatile. What are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Seasons and Serge Lutens

    I've worn it (vetiver oriental) and my entire SL collection in summer , autumn, winter and sprimg without regret.

    VE is a lovely sap based perfume. But keep in mind the vetiver is , well obscure. I've worn it several times without actually getting the driver part but ive gotten it a few times too.

    And since you own and enjoy all those Serge Lutens then i can safely say you will love VO.
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    Default Re: Seasons and Serge Lutens

    I don't see any reason why any Serge Lutens can't be worn during any season.

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    Default Re: Seasons and Serge Lutens

    Thank you.
    I've read so many reviews and comment on these forums, I'm nearly 95% sure I'm going to love it... but, as you all know, blind buys are always a gamble. So, I try to gather as much information as possible. I wasn't suggesting one couldn't wear it all year. I was simply wondering, from people who've actually worn this, what their personal experiences have been wearing it in different weather.

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    Default Re: Seasons and Serge Lutens

    the dry and dark, chocolate accord is better served in the cooler months ...

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    Default Re: Seasons and Serge Lutens

    Any of them can be worn whenever you want to wear them.
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    Default Re: Seasons and Serge Lutens

    Go for it!

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    Default Re: Seasons and Serge Lutens

    Much lighter than most other Lutens, and less sweet. A great fragrance in my opinion; one of the more ''versatile'' fragrances.

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