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    Default Hermes Equipage

    Hi guys!
    Can someone please tell me what year is this bottle from ? Is it the vintage formulation or a newer one ?
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    Mine has the brown round grooved top from years back, but what's pictured I believe is much older. Don't know the year.

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    I would venture to guess the 1980s. Any other guesses?
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    2 more pics:
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    That is vintage equipage my friend.

    I have had that bottle but in a 100ml size and currently have more vintage equipage but that comes in another type of bottle, they smell the same.

    This is the new current equipage being sold today, and the scent is very different than the vintage

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    It is the vintage: between the one in the first post and the one in the post previous to mine Hermes sold Equipage in a light brown box that had a small drawing depicting rowers - this was around the 1990's. The version I have at present dates from 2009.

    Be aware that the blend has been seriously watered down.

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    Bought alot of Equipage in the 1980's and it looked like this;

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarafina View Post
    Bought alot of Equipage in the 1980's and it looked like this;

    this is the splash, that's the atomizer. Both Vintage.

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    The original release year was 1970.

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