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    Default Dana 20 Carats To Be Relaunched Complete with Gold Flakes


    Dana Fragrances are preparing to relaunch their classic perfume from the 1930s best remembered by the collective consciousness for its gold-flake filled flacon. The reissue is a limited-edition one and is being offered with the tag line, "A rush of gold to the senses."

    Isn't it fitting that a perfume initially meant to project an image of decadent richness in the midst of the Great-Depression era is coming back to market when the collapse of the Euro zone is debated every day, with all of its potential international consequences?...

    "20Carats is a brilliant, genuine 20Carat gold-flake filled fragrance that captures the essence of richness. A dazzling mixture of flowers-fruit-and-moss tones, 20Carats has a mystical way of making every woman feel and smell rich.

    20Carats elegantly yields three memorable dimensions of fragrance: a rich topnote,that slowly blends into a fresh, warm, heartnote, and finally, lingering, woodsy/mossy notes."

    The original 20 Carats composition was designed to be a feminine fougère, a much rarer sight these days since the genre has become overwhelmingly masculine. Sarah Jessica Parker made the attempt to re-introduce a modern fougère for women with gourmand overtones in 2007 with Covet.

    20 Carats is said to be "Coming Soon" and can be pre-ordered at the special discount price of $30 at

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    Default Re: Dana 20 Carats To Be Relaunched Complete with Gold Flakes

    I am interested, but I doubt if it will really be similar. After all they claim to be selling ''Chantilly'' and they've butched that up pretty bad. Also I cannot find out what size the bottle will be. If I pre-order I want to know at least how much of the juice I am getting.

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