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    Default Suggestions based on long-ago likes


    I, once up on a time, wore fragrance all the time. Then things changed, and for a long time I wore no fragrance at all. Like for 20 years. Now, a new partner has indicated that he would love for me to dip back into the habit. I am happy to oblige, but somewhat at a loss.

    I have done my due diligence and discovered that many of the scents I wore in my 20's have been reformulated and I can not expect to cruise up to the perfume counter and just pick up a few I know and go with that.

    He has recalled that he loved Chloe in the past and is a dedicated Chanel pour Homme wearer. Which I confess to not being wild over (the chanel, not the chloe).

    I have looked into the scents I loved and noted the basenote descriptions and tried to run a search here that would direct me to new fragrances with similar qualities. The difficulty with that is the scents I remember liking seem (to me at least ; -) to be all over the place on the nose spectrum. Also the search engine is giving me difficulties and returning 0 results pretty much no matter what I enter.

    I am hoping that there may be a few folks here who will see my former scents and be able to relate to them and make a suggestion on some current fragrances!

    So, here is what I remember wearing;

    As a young teen I was given Charlie (the original) and liked it.

    By the time I was 16 I had discovered Shalimar, Caleche, and Ciara. Charlie was left to gather dust.

    Between 18 and 22 I added Chloe (original) and Ivoire to my collection.

    The Ivoire became my signature fragrance. I got a sample vial when it was introduced and fell in love. I wore it all the time up until my early 30's when I drifted out of the habit.

    I was fond of Equipage. (on men, not me ; -)

    I have a very hard time going into the stores, sniffing a tester and deciding. I need to wear a fragrance to see how it goes on me. I have had some scents turn yucky after wearing them for a little while, and the little sample vials are not readily available as I remember in the past.

    So based on these what would you all suggest I try?
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    Default Re: Suggestions based on long-ago likes

    Shalimar is still pretty much alive and kicking, so to speak. You'll find many discussions on the subtle changes between batches, but I think most people believe that the latest batch is still good. (Also, remember that it comes in different concentrations, parfum, edp, edt).

    As for the others, I haven't smelled the vintage. They seem to be big florals. Since you live in SF, my recommendation would be to stop by places like Barney's, Chanel boutique, Diptyque whenever you get the chance, and spray yourself. It may take some time, but so many things have appeared in the past 20 years, and your tastes could have changed.

    Just randomly off the top of my head - things that could be in the general neighborhood of green, aldehydic, floral:
    Chanel exclusives (in the boutique): No. 22 (aldehydic), Bel respiro (green floral), La Pausa (iris), 31 rue cambon (elegant floral)
    Diptyque: Eau lente (floral spicy)
    Malle (at Barneys): Lys mediterranee (white floral), Carnal flower (big floral).
    Amouage Gold (enourmous aldehydic floral. don't know where it could be found in SF, though)

    My favorite green floral is perhaps Metal by Paco Rabanne, it's cheap but hard to find. Anais Anais is a soapy rose, cheap and easy to find.


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    Default Re: Suggestions based on long-ago likes

    To the above (great) suggestions I'll add

    Malle Une Fleur De Cassie which is an amazing white florals with an indolic and slightly dirty vibe. Elie Saab EDP is a discreet yet quite sophisticated floral that's supposed to be widely available at any department store.

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    Default Re: Suggestions based on long-ago likes

    Another for Bel Respiro by Chanel

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    Default Re: Suggestions based on long-ago likes

    I have taken careful note of the recommendations here and thank you all!

    In the course of reading about them I got the impression that First by A&P might be a possibility for me and I found an older bottle on ebay which I scored and tried last week. I liked it. The initial smells were not totally thrilling for some reason, slightly chemically maybe, but with in minutes it settled down and became very lovely. It had more powdery tones than I would prefer but these softened as well and I really enjoyed it. Himself also REALLY liked it, which was the whole point of this exercise ; -)

    I noticed no allergic or irritating reaction which was a good thing as well.

    But. Tonight. The tiny vintage bottle of Calèche EDT, that I also scored on ebay, est arrivé!

    I popped the top and sniffed... oh yes, familiar and appealing. Stroked onto my wrist liberally and then rubbed gently against the other wrist to warm and spread.

    Ahhhhh. first clean citrus and spice. then warm floral and slight powder. later soft leather and spice growing more prominent. eventually a slightly smoky woody smoulder. I love this stuff still!!

    Can I just say I had GREAT taste in perfume when I was 16?

    I am looking forward to sampling and experimenting with new potions, but I am so on the hunt for a HUGE vintage bottle of Calèche EDP!

    And tonight I am just really really happy.


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    Default Re: Suggestions based on long-ago likes

    I found myself downtown Friday afternoon, with time to kill so I indulged in some browsing.

    At Chanel I loved the 22, I mean really loved it. The Bel Respiro not so much, as it turns out. The door man, who is right by the perfume counter all day, was charming and offered up that of all the scents he is most fond of the 22. He said that it is one he never tires of!

    At Barneys I was treated to the Malles. I really like Cassis and Portrait of a Lady. They are such opposite scents, but both beautiful in their own way. Portrait was rich and supple and warm in a dark kind of way. Cassis was so tender and soft and warm in the way the sunshine is warm on your back on a beautiful day.

    Needless didn't have the Ivoire I was looking for but I did try Jicky and I liked it very much. I understand that this is a reformulation but having never experienced the prior incarnation I had nothing to compare it to and I found the contemporary Jicky very appealing. The salesman not so much, but oh well ; -) I don't like to be told what I *should* like...

    And around all that airborne scent I never had that "ants up my nose" sensation!

    And the new Chloe? I am gonna have to pass on that...

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    Default Re: Suggestions based on long-ago likes

    Good that you're finding your way around again! I haven't smelled vintage Jicky, but it seems that, like Shalimar, Jicky is a Guerlain that seems to have survived well (although some on this forum think that the Jicky of old had much more civet. but I think there's enough civet in the recent one too).


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