Just tried this the other day and had to buy it.

What a perfectly balanced, soft but masculine oriental with very good longevity and sillage (needing only 1 spray). All these years I walked by it at the department stores thinking it was a cheap cologne for old men. Boy was I wrong. This one is such a winner. I see it being so versatile, except for maybe in extreme heat. I can't believe the quality of this juice ...and a mere $20 for a 4.0oz bottle.

This must have legions of fans since it has been on the market so long, yet rarely is it mentioned. I agree, it is not the most exciting scent around, but it's conservative and mature nature is what makes it great. A nice mixture of subtle spice, musk, powder and the slightest hint of vanilla. Pure class.

I can't ever see myself without a bottle of this.