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Thread: SMN Bar Soaps

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    I'm thinking of getting some bar soaps to match some fragrances of SMN. Any advice,reviews on their Bar Soaps. I'm used to shower gel but want to get soaps to match SMN fragrances.

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    I like their Tabacco Toscano a lot (intense tobacco). Also their melograno. I think there are also acque di colonia like these. But I also like others (jasmine, vetiver, etc.)


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    I've tried their musk and floral cologne soaps. They're both excellent, and combine well with the respective colognes. I'd like to try some more SMN soaps.
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    Im just having trouble deciding over SMN Bath & Body Products and Diptyque Bath & Body Products... Can anyone tell me how the Marine Algae & Hamamelis Shower gels smell? Are they a refreshing smell?

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