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    Default All the new Haarlem threads and I havent seen this!!!

    I am trying New Haarlem for the first time today. I bought a bottle blind. I had chez bond and riverside drive but sold them.....they both had this synthetic weird smell I couldnt stand. well after the coffee note goes away in new haarlem and its at the drydown it smells exactly like someone mixed riverside drive with chez bond!!! has anyone tried the 2 and notice that?
    the minute I put this on I said I smelled this before.
    If you have both riverside and chez go try putting a swipe of each on then a spray of New Haarlem. guess I didnt need to buy this since I dont like chez drive!

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    Default Re: All the new Haarlem threads and I havent seen this!!!

    Never combined the two, but like you I had a bottle of Chez Bond and sold it. I got a weird grape note in the drydown and the opening was like a bad version of Cool Water. New Haarlem gets really sweet like maple syrup to my nose in the drydown. New Haarlem fries my olfactory nerves.
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