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    Default Identifying a bottle~

    Hello. I have a bottle that I'm curious about, and I was hoping someone might be able to shed a little light on it for me...

    My sister acquired an empty perfume bottle (atomizer) for me from a thrift store, as a gift. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me if it was a bottle a fragrance originally came in (and what it was, if so), or if it was just a decanted-into decorative sort of bottle. It retains some scent even after it was washed out (a generic powdery "perfumey" sort of scent, for the most part - and I suspect musk was involved), but has no actual labels or markings on it at all to use as reference.

    Please ignore the terrible background. I apologize; cleaning off shelves to photograph the bottle was.... slightly low on my priority list.

    Image #1
    Image #2 - this one is a more accurate depiction of the color.

    This is mostly me just being curious, really - but any information would be greatly appreciated! <3

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    Default Re: Identifying a bottle~

    It appears to be a newer bottle to me just thinking
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    Default Re: Identifying a bottle~

    I've seen this bottle before, but always empty. I'm pretty sure that it is just a decant into a decorative bottle.

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