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Thread: Tokyo Milk

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    Default Tokyo Milk

    I was curious about a couple of these fragrances (Poe's Tobacco), but the reviews are few and far between for their fragrances.

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    My wife has a couple of their fragrances, but I'm not sure which ones and they don't really stand out to me. I'll try to go smell them when she's not around lol.

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    Default Re: Tokyo Milk

    My wife has used "Lotus Sake" and "Honey & The Moon" and enjoyed them.

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    Default Re: Tokyo Milk

    I like Dead Sexy #6 - it has a Bulgari Black vibe to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by petruccijc View Post
    I like Dead Sexy #6 - it has a Bulgari Black vibe to it.
    Might have to try this one as I have Black and Midnight in Paris and enjoy both. This looks like a lighthearted "fun" type of fragrance line with the clever names and packaging.

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    Poe's Tobacco is an enjoyable tobacco with a light apple note. Very fresh and enjoyable. Don't expect this to be an in-your-face tobacco like Back to Black or Tobacco Vanille. I also like Ex Libris, a fig note with a hit of cardamom.
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    l've tried three of these;

    Let Them Eat Cake is a very sweet, floral musk with vanilla.

    Sugar sugar is less sweet, with fresh coconut & a lovely, creamy sandalwood drydown.

    French Kiss is described as a big white floral, but l found it citrussy, with a rather dark green, chypre-like progression.

    None of these lasted more than 3 hours on me.
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    I enjoy TAINTED LOVE - Tobacco Vanilla vibe to it - very nice!

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