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  • Le male

    16 26.23%
  • Angel Men

    45 73.77%
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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    I prefer A*Men myself.
    With that said, I feel like I can wear Le Male more frequently. If I were to wake up one morning and only had those two bottles in front of me, I would probably spray Le Male.

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    Currently wearing: Beach Hut Man by Amouage

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    le male. can't stand amen's tar note.

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    even tho i like Le male gotta say angel men more memorable, more unique, slightly dirty and good

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    I like sweet scents, but I'm not really a fan of Le Male. My vote is for my favorite gourmand: A*Men.
    Currently wearing: Aventus by Creed

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    For me it's like choosing between my brother and sister as they are my favourite fragrances for more than a decade! But as Le Male tends to be more feminine, I choose for my brother... A*Men.

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    Like A*Men, but love Le tier sweet stuff

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    A*men without a single doubt. More sophisticated, less people wear it, blended better, lasts longer, projects better...Jut over all a better frag in everyway in my honest opinion. I stand by A*men it just suits me so well. My sig scent.

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    A*Men is definitely not a good blind buy. I don't like it. Silage and projection are huge however. Le Male is a good scent, popular, and much easier to like. I enjoy it, don't own it, but would buy a bottle on the cheap.

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    Default Re: Le Male vs Angel Men

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoombung View Post
    Let's hope it's a fight to the death as I can't stand either.

    I second that.
    Both smell synthetic and are atrocious. Without trying to sound petulant, but those of us that grew up with natural fragrances can not stand many of the "modern" scents that are made in the laboratory.
    And with IFRA banning many natural components like coumarin and citral in order to shove down our throats their artificial creations, probably in the near future all perfumes are going to be awfully artificial.
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