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    Default Having to many colognes

    I want to seem unique and to stand out when with friends or in a crowd. If I have 5 regular colognes, will that make me less unique of a person. Sorry if I sound vain or big-headed.

    If having at many colognes makes you less unique which cologne would you suggest I get rid of; 360 red by Perry Ellis, Rochas man by Rochas, Body Kouros by YSL and L'eau d'issey by Issey Miyake.

    My 16 years old btw.

    Again sorry if I sound big-headed.

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    I would not get rid of any.

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    I would never get rid of any. Ever.

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    none, but if u insist, leau de issey

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    Keep whatever you have and enjoy it. If you like being a little different from everyone around you, add a couple of colognes that no one else wears. My suggestion? Save your pennies and get a niche fragrance you really love. I would highly recommend Andy Tauer's L'Air du dessert marocain. I guarantee no other 16 year old in your school will be wearing it. And you will smell great!

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    I owned 1 cologne in high school which I won't mention. 2 in college which was Tommy Hilfiger and Issey Miyake. Buy em now because soon you'll be spending all your money on dates and beer.

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    You don't sound big headed, but Honey no one on Basenotes will tell you that you have "TOO" many bottles of cologne. Some of us have over 50 and even 100+ bottles in out collections. What will make you stand out is not wearing what everyone else is wearing. The colognes you named are pretty main stream. Sometimes you have to go retro or explore some niche frags. At 16, I'm not sure what kind of budget you're working with.

    Anyway you're 16! Go read a book or go study. Stop worrying about smelling good for these girls or whoever. Cause honey when you're grown, not so intelligent, and have a crappy job or no job at all it won't matter what you smell like. Just messing with ya Boo lol. Good luck finding something unique. Now go study!!
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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    Quote Originally Posted by chaplain View Post
    Keep whatever you have and enjoy ...
    +1 ... you have a good selection for particular uses or just rotating to avoid boredom ...

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    Don't ever get rid of any colognes, by having more than most people you are unique and different, you can smell different everyday and that's what makes you stand out in a crowd, I have over 40 bottles of cologne and I never smell the same, so rock those colognes you have.

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    I would say that you probably have more colognes than 90 percent of your age group. I think that you have a nice variety for season and ocassion so when you choose your next fragrance be very particular. Sample and get sample vials so you can do multiple wearings before you decide to buy. What Divatologist mentioned is a good thing and it is a lesson to learn while you are young. You need balance in your life. Your life is not all about cologne. Don't get hung up on a hobby and neglect other areas of your life. She used the example of studying rather than reading posts on the board.
    I think being unique is when you have many interests so you are multi faceted like a diamond. If smelling good is the extent of unique anyone can attain it and you will shine as bright as a one sided, flat pane of glass.

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    Never get rid, I can only approve my fellow Basenoters

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    Keep them all, but just add new ones to your rotation if you find some that interest you. There are plenty of good threads full of suggestions for each scent category on here; it's how I learned of many new scents to try.

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    Default Re: Having to many colognes

    I agree with just about everything already said. To me, the fact that at your age you already have 5 "regulars" just means you are seriously interested in the hobby, which is something a lot of your classmates might not understand. So BIG welcome to Basenotes and keep enjoying all your scents.

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