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Thread: Frankincense

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    Default Frankincense

    Great article on frankincense here in the New York Times - I just had to get this into Basenotes somehow.
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    Default Re: Frankincense

    Fantastic article.

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    Default Re: Frankincense

    Thanks for this. Great article.

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    Default Re: Frankincense

    "Accounts from the ancient world make frankincense sound like a cross between aspirin, penicillin, Xanax and Viagra, with a touch of duct tape and magic."

    that's why I love it

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    Thank you for posting this RP - what a wonderful article!
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    Great article, thank you RP. I am absolutely mad about frankincense and myrrh (wouldn't mind the gold, either!) - and have bought an incense burner set. It works with a tea light and a perforated burning surface, and I burn myrrh, frankincense, a rose incense mix and an Orthodox Church incense blend. It is a fabulous way to satisfy one's senses and one's soul! The ancients once thought frankincense, in particular, had hallucinogenic qualities, and although I can't speak to that - I haven't noticed that effect, anyway - if true, it could be another reason it's been used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies.

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    Default Re: Frankincense

    Thanks so much for this article, I love frankincense. And I have great fun trying to grow difficult plants, and the Boswellia sacra sounds like it would be a good candidate. I'll have to get back to the website and see if I can't buy some seeds, I won't be able to get plants shipped to Canada ( well, not without great difficulty and lots of $$$ ) I'd have to overwinter it like the fellow in Pittsburgh, if I can get it germinated and large enough to overwinter! * It is a fascinating article...

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    Frankincense under threat See BBC article:

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    Would love to have a Frankincense bush in my home, but they're not the most attractive plants and seem quite stubborn. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

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    Wow, Red, great read. Thank you for posting.
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    I have a bottle of Frankincense 100% essential oil, but don't know how to use it. When I put a drop on the skin the scent is extremely harsh and burns my nose and is way too lemony. The essential oil is also incredible volatile. Does anyone have suggestions on how to use it?

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    You use Frankincense oil (aka Olibanum Oil) as a top note material in a fragrance.

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    Default Re: Frankincense

    Wow, this thread is superb - I've been looking for some information on frankincense and this thread being bumped to the top really helped!

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