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    Default Where to buy Shiseido Feminite Du Bois (original)

    I just tried the Serge Luten for Shiseido Feminite Du Bois and it's lovely. Unfortunatley it seems light and only lasts a few hours on me. I am desperate to get my hands the original Shiseido formula for a reasonable price (less than $300). I would prefer a bottle but a decant would do. Does anyone know an online store that has it and will ship to Australia?
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    Default Re: Where to buy Shiseido Feminite Du Bois (original)

    I've not searched too hard but eBay is the only place I've found it so far.
    Let me know if you're interested in doing a split as I wouldn't mind some of this myself.

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    Default Re: Where to buy Shiseido Feminite Du Bois (original)

    I'll let you know... the search continues. :-)
    European ebay sites seem to have it more often, but still very high prices. I just missed out on a 95% full bottle on Dutch ebay for around $75 :-( I have to be more vigilant next time.
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    Default Re: Where to buy Shiseido Feminite Du Bois (original)

    Any luck on where to find this?
    The Serge Lutens version is far more different than I'd like it to be, I was hoping for the typical cry wolf "reformulated!" that is constantly touted here on basenotes but, the version are quite different. The original is far more woody, fruity, longer lasting and ultimately more satisfying.
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    Default Re: Where to buy Shiseido Feminite Du Bois (original)

    I was lucky enough to find a bottle at a dusty brick and mortar store in Italy a couple of weeks ago. I smelled it briefly side to side the Lutens (which I sprayed in store) and didn't find big difference. But somebody pointed out that the latest bottles from Shiseido had likely been reformulated already, so there's some variation in that dimension too.

    Which leads me to one question. Would anybody with knowledge of the original be willing to give a sniff to mine and tell me how different it is? I can easily send a little vial.


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