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    Default please add avon's LEATHER cologne..........

    thank you!!!!!!!!
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    Default Re: please add avon's LEATHER cologne..........

    It's added, waiting for approval.
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    Default Re: please add avon's LEATHER cologne..........

    Just to bump this or help anyone surfing for Avon Leather, here is my take -
    Avon Leather (NOT Black Leather or any of the other spinoffs) is a simplified crossbreed of classic men's frags from the 30's-50's which commonly featured a citrus-petit grain-oakmoss blend (think Dunhill for Men), and melded with an armchair-and-library wood and leather accord in the vein of Givenchy Gentleman. It's a very simple yet surprisingly pleasant woody-herbal with polish and poise. It does smell old-fashioned in a way, but it's a really good way. Everything comes around eventually. In all my experience with Avon perfumes this is certainly one of the best-made that I've tried. Plus, mine came in the form of a glass, leather-bound book. Avon is known for 'kitchy' bottles but I like this one.
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